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Who We Are

Reliable Technology Administration Group is a Las Vegas based Managed Services Provider that specializes in assisting small to medium businesses with their overall IT needs, while providing cost effective solutions to meet your business goals.  Reliable Technology is focused on providing IT services in Southern Nevada and surrounding areas.

We offer 24/7/365 support from our team of technology experts in all aspects of your organization's IT needs and we have partnered up with some of the leading vendors in today’s IT industry.  With partners, such as Microsoft, Dell and many other vendors we will be able to get any technology solution in place quickly and effectively.

What We Do

IT Consultations
The perfect solution for every situation. We are experts in cutting edge solutions and can help you pick the right tools for any job.
Systems Administration
Keeping one computer operating at its full capabilities can be hard enough. When you have a system of them, that's where we come in.
Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Today, data is more important than ever! We can help keep it safe and help get it back if the unthinkable has happened.
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